It’s not the kind of sadness to where you cry all the time, but more of like the sadness that overwhelms your entire body, leaving you heart aching and your stomach empty. Making you feel weak and tired. And yet, you can’t even sleep cause the sadness is in your dreams too. It’s almost a sadness you can’t escape.
― (via wordsthat-speak)
My heart hurts when I think of all the things I haven’t done
― Unknown (via exoticwild)
More and more I found myself at a loss for words and didn’t want to hear other people talking either. Their conversations seemed false and empty. I preferred to look at the sea, which said nothing and never made you feel alone.
― Paula McLain, The Paris Wife  (via bruisinq)
I hope that one day you will have the experience of doing something you do not understand for someone you love.
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (via larmoyante)
Take me on long walks and to warm coffee shops.
― Ten Word Story #14 - Ming D. Liu (via kvtes)